Android 7.1 Developer Preview Overview

On October 19th, 2016, Google announced the developer preview of the next iteration of Android Nougat: version 7.1, which would be available for all Nexus 5x, 6p, and Pixel c devices enrolled in the Android beta program.


Android 7.1 Dev Preview Downloading

The over the air (OTA) update actually made its way to my phone, the 32 GB Ice Nexus 5x, the next day.


Android 7.1 Dev Preview Verified

Upon installing it, I immediately noticed that the version number was actually 7.1.1, with the build number NPF10C. The update also included the October 5th 2016 security patches, which address 6 critical, 17 high, 8 moderate, and 1 low severity vulnerabilities. Make sure the visit the Android Security Bulletin for more details.


Android 7.1.1 Build Number

What’s New:

The 7.1.1 update brings several new features to the table, such as:

  1. Built-in 24/7 phone and chat assistance by the Google Support team.


    Google Support

  2. Home-screen app shortcuts


    Android 7.1 Google Dialer shortcuts

  3. Redesigned Google Dialer app interface


    Android 7.1 Google Dialer interface

  4. Image keyboard support
  5. Restart option in the power menu


    Updated power menu (it’s about time)

It also includes the API Level 25 SDK and platform tools, documentation, samples and more.

Home-screen app shortcuts:

Diving a little bit deeper into the topic of home-screen app shortcuts, here is a list of my favorites so far, in no particular order:

  • Google Chrome: New tab


    Android 7.1 Google Chrome shortcuts

  • Google Clock: Start stopwatch


    Android 7.1 Google Clock shortcuts

  • Google Maps: Work, Home


    Android 7.1 Google Maps shortcuts

  • Google Keep: New list


    Android 7.1 Google Keep shortcuts

  • Google Camera: Take a video


    Android 7.1 Google Camera shortcuts

  • Google Drive: Upload


    Android 7.1 Google Drive shortcuts

  • Gmail: Compose


    Android 7.1 Gmail shortcuts

Wrapping Up:

Considering it is a beta version of the operating system, it is actually quite stable. Have only encountered 3 app crashes so far, from third party apps, in a week of usage (your mileage may vary).

Upcoming updates will surely improve this, but overall it is a fairly usable build. If you have one of the supported devices, and can’t wait to use the latest and greatest software from Google, I highly recommend joining the beta program. Just keep in mind that there may still be a bug or too, but that’s kind of the point of a developer preview. Isn’t it?

Until the next time! Thank you for reading!

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