Apple’s iOS 10.3 update: What’s New

Apple iOS 10.3 - Download and Install

Welcome Aboard. On 03/27/2017, Apple released version 10.3 to their mobile operating system, iOS. Here’s everything that’s new!


Find My AirPods

When Apple released the AirPods, one of people’s biggest concern with was how easily they could get lost if one is not careful enough, since they have no wires or cord keeping them in place.

In iOS 10.3, now you can:

  • View the current or last known location of your AirPods
  • Play a sound on one or both AirPods to help you find them

Both of which are quite handy, if you tend to misplace them.


Apple’s AI Assistant learned a trick or two in this latest iteration of iOS.

Apple iOS 10.3 - Siri
Apple iOS 10.3 – Siri

It now offers support for:

  • Paying and checking status of bills with payment apps
  • Scheduling with ride booking apps, such as Uber and Lyft
  • Checking car fuel level, lock status, turning on lights and activating horn with automaker apps

Apple File System (APFS)


If you own a vehicle that is compatible with CarPlay (which is an Apple standard that enables the car radio or head unit to serve as a display and controller for an iPhone with iOS 7.1.0 or greater), you’ll be happy to hear that:

  • There are now Shortcuts in the status bar for easy access to last used apps
  • Apple Music “Now Playing” screen gives access to “Up Next” and “Currently Playing” song’s album
  • There are Daily curated playlists and new categories in Apple Music


  • Ability to delete an unwanted invite and report it as junk


Although most people are using Google Maps over the Apple variant, you’ll be glad to know that there is now:

  • An Hourly Weather view by using 3D Touch on the displayed current temperature
  • Support for locating your parked car

iTunes Store

  • Rent once and watch your your iTunes movies across your devices

App Store

iOS 10.3 introduces a new way to ask customers to provide App Store ratings and reviews for your app.

  • Using the SKStoreReviewController, you can ask users to rate or review your app while they’re using it, without sending them to the App Store.


A few sections got updated in this area, in favor of a more stable and streamlined experience.

  • Apple ID
  1. New Settings unified view for User, iCloud, and iTunes accounts
  2. A more detailed (and visually appealing) breakdown of Used and Available Storage
  • Accessibility

VoiceOver received stability improvements for Phone, Safari and Mail

  • Touch ID and Passcode

As of this update, your Passcode will replace your iCloud Security Code, and it’s what shall be used to protect your account.

  • Privacy

Apple fixed an issue that could prevent Maps from displaying the user’s current location after resetting Location Services

  • Analytics

What used to be Diagnostics and Usage is now the Analytics section. After opting in, Apple gathers information regarding usage and data from the iPhone and iCloud account to improve its products and services.

Apple iOS 10.3 - Analytics
Apple iOS 10.3 – Analytics

This can be found in Settings > Analytics

Here you can control whether to:

– Share iPhone and iCloud Analytics
– Share App usage statistics with Developers
– Help Improve Activity and Wheelchair Mode

There’s likely more features under the hood, I will keep you updated as soon as I discover anything else noteworthy.


About Apple security updates

About the security content of iOS 10.3
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